SERVING ALL OF THE OHIO VALLEY | Please call us any time at (304) 232-7210


SERVING ALL OF THE OHIO VALLEY | Please call us any time at (304) 232-7210

Our Services

Ohio Valley Pet Crematory offers a number of different burial and cremation services for your pet. Unfortunately, the loss of a pet is sometimes unexpected, so our service counselor is available to you 24/7 via our round-the-clock answering service.

To ensure your pet is transferred to our facility in a timely manner, we can pick up your pet wherever you need, whether that be at your home, a veterinarian’s office, or animal hospital. Because we understand these types of life events can be difficult to cope with unexpectedly, we can also make available to you prearrangement cremation and burial options.

Some of our additional services include:

Cremation Services

Put your pet to rest peacefully with cremation. When you choose Ohio Valley Pet Crematory, you can rest assured that your pet will be cremated individually, and the whole process will be supervised by one of our dedicated staff members. When we return your pet to you, you will also receive a Certification of Private Cremation to authenticate the service. If you intend to keep your pet with you, or in a special private burial space, you can select from our stock of beautiful urns, which include wood, bronze, and pewter finishes; we even have breed-specific urns for pets whose personality was true to their bloodline. If you’d like to peacefully scatter your pet in a serene area, ask us about how you can do this at Memory Land Pet Cemetery.

Burial Services

Our burial services for pets include a number of options, each of which can be personalized if you desire. You have the ability to reserve a plot at the Memory Land Pet Cemetery in Sherrad, WV, where you can hold a graveside service with your loved ones. Our selection of burial merchandise includes pet caskets, monuments, and markers, which you can personalize.


As a pet ages, it’s normal to plan for what to do once they pass. Our facility offers preplanning for pet cremations and burials, so you don’t have to worry about paperwork and payments when it’s time to remember your animal’s life.

Pet Obituaries

Do you want a small keepsake from your pet’s service or need a way to alert your family about your pet’s passing? A pet obituary is a perfect option for either of those needs. Ohio Valley Pet Cemetery now offers online obituaries for you to print out or send to your loved ones.